The Commonstake Beta
What's Commonstake?

The world we live in must shift dramatically to survive climate change and social stratification. People everywhere need to work together to rescue the future from the present. Commonstake provides a centralized space where consumers can educate one another, crowdsourcing the information needed to invest in companies that share our values and divest from companies that do not
How to share feedback

1) Log into 
2) Explore the site until you see something that could be improved 
3) Click the green button on the left and enter your information and idea

How to share articles

1) Log into
2) Click the Share Article icon
3) Paste the URL of the piece you'd like to share
4) Write a description summarizing why you're sharing
5) Paste a pertinent quote from the article
6) Tag companies, communities and causes to which the article is relevant

What's at stake?
The world's 8 richest people own the same amount as half of humanity combined. They are all men.(Business Insider)
The loss of species today is 1,000 to 10,000 times higher than the natural extinction rate.
82% of consumers intend to go green but only 16% of us are able to shop sustainably.
What's New?
Write op-eds about companies
Users with more than 1000 points will now be able to write original opinion pieces about companies in addition to sharing articles from official publications. 
Earn equity by using Commonstake
Users will continue to earn points in exchange for using Commonstake but these points may now be redeemed as equity in Commonstake's parent company Scalechange.
Share articles with the new browser extension
Without visiting Commonstake, users can now share relevant articles they come across with a single click using our bookmarklet tool.
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